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Stopping the scourge of radicalization online


Sam* exhibited all the trademark beliefs of an alt-right extremist.  He held misogynistic views on women, believing that rape cases were fabricated to ruin men’s lives. He believed Islam was an inherently violent religion, that Jews ran global financial networks, and that that traditional family values were being destroyed by the LGBTQ and feminist movements. […]

Engulfed: Reading the tea leaves on Qatar’s ostracization


Very rich, heavily armed states are engaged in brinkmanship in the world’s most conflict-prone region. This doesn’t end well – for anyone.

International Relations and Security
Christ the Redeemer Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Why Latin America could be the next frontier for Syrian refugees


Latin America presents a promising opportunity to resettle some of the millions of Syrian refugees in camps and urban slums in Europe.

Human Rights
Operation Inherent Resolve

Prospects for peace in Syria: Can Trump help?


According to Robert Ford, former US Ambassador to Syria, there is “not much” the United States can do to shape the outcome of the conflict.

International Relations and Security
ISIL graffiti

ISIL may be losing on the battlefield. But it’s winning elsewhere.


The terrorist group aims to shrink the “grayzone”: the plane of coexistence between Muslims in the West and their non-Muslim countrymen.

International Relations and Security
Separation wall

Israel-Palestine: Can Trump seal the deal?


Trump prides himself on his deal-making abilities, but securing “the ultimate deal” between Israelis and Palestinians presents major challenges.

International Relations and Security

A Drop in the Ocean of Casualties


This article is being published in collaboration with the Harvard Law & Policy Review (HLPR). BY MASEEH MORADI* The recent immigration executive order promises in its title to protect “the nation from foreign terrorist entry.” It does so by barring the entry of, among hundreds of millions of others, all of my aunts, uncles, and […]

Human Rights

Finding an Off-Ramp for Republicans on Presidential Claims of Massive Voter Fraud


BY JAMES PAGANO President Trump continues to struggle to accept his popular vote loss. He again made headlines last week, repeating unsubstantiated claims of massive voter fraud. Although absolutely no evidence supporting his claim exists, President Trump has vowed to open an investigation into the matter. His claims distract from the real election issues facing […]

AAPI Policy Movers: 10 Days In


Every election season, it seems there’s another article about AAPIs “making their voices heard.” It’s a term I’ve grown to dislike, not only because I have seen it before, but because the idea of AAPIs “making their voice heard” reinforces the stereotype that AAPIs would otherwise be silent, docile, or meek were it not for […]

Gender, Race and Identity
Bashar al-Assad smiling

To Assad and his admirers, Trump offers ‘hope and change’


Donald Trump has vowed to end US support for Syrian rebel groups, delighting backers of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

International Relations and Security

“Repeal and Delay” of ACA is a Dangerous Policy for America


BY ANN CRAWFORD-ROBERTS & SIDRA BONNER Congressional Republicans have vowed to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as their first priority in the new Trump administration. Even before Trump takes office, the Senate and House have voted to initiate the process to gut major parts of the law commonly referred to as Obamacare. Following the […]

Trump’s Dance With Tech


BY MATTHEW E. SPECTOR The most critical activity at Trump Tower last week was not the selection of ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson as the president-elect’s secretary of state or the appearance of Kanye West for a short meeting about “life,” but a small, closed door meeting with 25 tech leaders with potentially dramatic implications for […]

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