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How Can We Save the DNC?


BY JAMES PAGANO The Democratic National Committee is in trouble. Revelations by former Interim Chairwoman Donna Brazile have re-aggravated still-open wounds from the 2016 primary battle. If the DNC can’t quickly re-establish itself as a neutral arbiter of party functions, current suspicions that the party systematically favors specific candidates will metastasize in voters’ minds, depressing […]

3 Things Local Democratic Committees Need from the New DNC Chair


BY JESSICA SCHAUER LIEBERMAN On February 25th, the Democratic National Committee chose Thomas Perez, former Secretary of Labor and Harvard Kennedy School alum, as its new chair. The media billed the election that resulted in Mr. Perez’s victory as a battle for the party’s soul — a clash between its leftist and establishment wings. The […]


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