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Airpower and America’s Strategic Competition for Allies


The 2018 National Defense Strategy (NDS) identifies the “reemergence of long-term, strategic competition” as the central challenge to U.S. national security. But how exactly should we interpret strategic competition, and what role does Airpower play in providing an advantage? “Who” we seem to be competing against has remained largely unchanged over the last quarter century. […]

Designing America’s Defense for the Digital Age


BY JOSHUA WELLE While the post-9/11 wars waged, the Department of Defense (DoD) did not focus on two imperatives to ensure military superiority: technology innovation and talent management.[i] To millennials, these concepts are linked.[ii] The Pew Research Center found that 24 percent of those born between 1980 and 1995 believe their generation’s uniqueness is tied […]

Presumptions, Prerogatives, and Power: Why Foreign Policy is Too Easy for Presidents, and Domestic Policy is Too Hard


BY JACOB SHELLY When President Obama stood outside the Blue Room on September 10th to announce a major expansion of airstrikes in the Middle East, he explained that he had no other choice. The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), he warned, poses a threat to the entire region — including American citizens, personnel, […]


Rebalance to the Asia-Pacific


A New U.S. Defense Strategy for the 21st Century BY GREGORY WHITTEN AND ERUM JILANI THE UNITED STATES HAS EMBARKED on a new defense strategy: the rebalance to the Asia-Pacific region. Moving forward, the United States will play a deeper and more enduring role in promoting security and prosperity in the region. The rebalance to […]

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