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Stopping the scourge of radicalization online


Sam* exhibited all the trademark beliefs of an alt-right extremist.  He held misogynistic views on women, believing that rape cases were fabricated to ruin men’s lives. He believed Islam was an inherently violent religion, that Jews ran global financial networks, and that that traditional family values were being destroyed by the LGBTQ and feminist movements. […]

Interview: Steven Brandt, a Conservative Voice at HKS


BY ANDY VO At a campus like Harvard, it can be hard to find a conservative millennial. I initially reached out to Steven to discuss what it was like being just 23 years old and already a Masters student at HKS on a fellowship through the Air Force Academy. We met at Algiers Café, and […]


From Losing to Leading: How Justin Trudeau and the Liberals Formed Canada’s New Government


BY BENJAMIN GILLIES It is not often Canadian federal politics makes international headlines, but youthful and charismatic Liberal party leader Justin Trudeau caused a minor global stir last week when he ousted Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s governing Conservatives. Likely, however, nobody was more surprised to wake up last Tuesday morning to a Liberal majority government […]


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