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Public Service at HKS: Not so ‘Public’ After All


Original Cartoon by Drew Madson. See more of his illustrations here. Instagram @drew1drew2drewyou   The irony underlying the Kennedy School’s core pursuit is evident in its very name stone. The light brown, etched marble stone, proudly boasts Harvard Kennedy School as the headline. But below that is a subtle, almost invisible, outcasted subtext, conceding it as the “John […]

Reform or reshuffle? A comparative glance at Saudi Arabia and Uzbekistan


In late 2016, most people had never heard of Muhammad bin Salman or Shavkat Mirziyoyev. Both, however, would take control of their respective countries within six months. The shifts of power in Saudi Arabia and Uzbekistan represent an abrupt interruption of stable, autocratic regimes. At the outset, there was no reason to expect long-lasting changes […]

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