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Arts Education: A Human Right in Kenya?


I recently met with a young Kenyan thespian traveling throughout the U.S. in search of a career in the arts.  As we reminisced about his college days, he expressed some regret that his education did not include classes that would have adequately prepared him for a successful career in his chosen profession, despite having attended […]

Education, Training and Labor
Source: PJMixer, Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/pjmixer/9189826590

Event Review: Critique, Dissent, and Solidarity – the Politics of Modern Middle Eastern Art


In a lecture at the Harvard Kennedy School, Sultan al-Qassemi discusses the role of art in the contemporary politics of the Middle East.

Amazigh women take center stage at Boston film festival


Boston’s Amazigh community came together at Lesley University on Saturday for the eighth annual Amazigh Film Festival, a celebration of Amazigh culture through film. The Amazigh are the descendants of the pre-Arab inhabitants of North Africa (they are also colloquially called “Berbers,” though that term is considered pejorative by some). Today, Amazigh people live scattered across North Africa, […]

Gender, Race and Identity

Art in Antep: An activist’s collaborative spurs creative connections on the border with Syria


  Along the porous border between Syria and Turkey lies the notorious city of Gaziantep — a city making waves in the media as a regional capitol for spooks and spicy kebabs. Called “Antep” for short (formerly known as Ayintab, the sister city to Aleppo in Syria), Gaziantep is also — surprisingly for some — […]

Advocacy and Social Movements

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