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Hezbollah fighter's funeral

Hezbollah in Syria: a gamble too far?


Despite incurring heavy losses, Hezbollah stands to gain from its participation in the Syrian civil war on the side of Assad.

International Relations and Security
Aleppo Karm al Jabal neighborhood

Aleppo and Mosul: What’s next?


JMEPP speaks with Gregory Aftandilian on the devastating battles for Aleppo and Mosul -and what’s next for Syria and Iraq.

Human Rights
UAE air force

Power play: The United Arab Emirates’ new approach to geopolitics


The United Arab Emirates’ increased use of hard power could corrode diplomatic ties and weaken its position vis-a-vis regional adversaries.


Russian ambassador’s assassination: A diplomatic disaster for Turkey?


Russia’s ambassador to Turkey has been killed at an event in Ankara, by a man chanting Islamist slogans and the words, “Don’t forget Aleppo!”

International Relations and Security
Russian military in Syria

Russia, Syria, and the ‘new Cold War’


Russia intervened in the Syrian war to redefine the international balance of power, not as a brotherly commitment to defend his Arab ally.

De-stigmatizing mental health in the Middle East’s conflict zones


  In times of conflict, humanitarian organizations aim to meet the “basic needs” of those in crisis. But too often this model of emergency intervention ignores chronic conditions – and especially the pressing question of mental health, according to Fouad M. Fouad, a professor at the Faculty of Health Sciences at the American University of […]


The war on Syria’s hospitals


Embed from Getty Images In late September, the largest hospital on the rebel-held side of Aleppo was bombed by Syrian or Russian planes, taking it temporarily out of commission and leaving only six hospitals operational in the area. This week, Aleppo’s M10 hospital was bombed yet again, leaving two doctors and a pharmacist wounded. The […]

Human Rights

Kerry: On Syria, Russia needs to set an example, not ‘unacceptable precedent’


US Secretary of State John Kerry strongly condemned the breakdown of the recent ceasefire in Syria before a meeting of the “Quintet” foreign ministers at Tufts University on Saturday. “One thing I think all of us join in saying, and I’m going to make this clear: What is happening in Aleppo today is unacceptable. And […]

International Relations and Security

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