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The UN-defined Northern America region includes the United States, Canada, as well as Greenland and a few additional nations.

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America in the Age of Polarization: Dems Scramble and Journalists Reflect after a Chaotic Debate (Student Blog)


This is the first article in the series “America in the Age of Polarization”, where Emil Bender Lassen (MPP ’25) drives 9,000 miles around the US to interview journalists, researchers and voters on the election that threatens to further divide this country. He hopes to better understand the rising trend in polarization, how it impacts […]

Democracy and Governance

Why the Environmental Movement Needs Its 1619 Project: A Case for a Human-Centered Approach to Saving the Planet


Proposed government solutions to mitigating the effects of climate change have systematically excluded the people it effects the most. A solution that centers climate changes’ effect on people must better acknowledge the historical harm that has been done for real restoration to occur.

Advocacy and Social Movements

Steering the AI Transition: The Case for More Employee Ownership


If you google “AI” in the news these days, it is hard to find a story that is not focused on existential risk of omnipotent AI fully erasing humanity. While I do not buy into the doomsayer’s worst-case scenarios, my experience as an AI advisor to business executives and policy makers tells me this time is different.

Business and Regulation

Bankrolling Change in Massachusetts Schools: A Pathway to LGBTQ+ Inclusion


Blue states like Massachusetts are particularly well-positioned to lead the charge in applying innovative and intensive strategies to protect, support, and nurture queer and marginalized youth.

Education, Training and Labor

Too Many Cooks in One Kitchen? The Question of US State Regulation over the Crypto Market


With the US Congress unable to pass crypto legislation, state regulators have been taking over the field. As a result, there are discrepancies and differences among US states, negatively impacting consumers and companies. Within a global crypto market, multiple states regulating in the absence of singular, Congressional action is hurting both consumers and businesses.

Business and Regulation

Making a Case for the Right to Preschool


High-quality early childhood education has life-long academic, developmental, and social impacts, but access to early childhood education differs substantially for children from different backgrounds. This disparity poses a complex issue: do children have a right to publicly funded preschool?

Education, Training and Labor

The State of Value-Based Care and Its Potential Effect on Maternal Health Disparities


The U.S. faces a maternal mortality crisis, particularly for women of color. We must take the tools and programs we know work, and broaden them to reach all women in need.


Duty and Liability: A Case for Preserving Qualified Immunity


While qualified immunity is invoked sparingly, its existence provides breathing room for public officials, particularly law enforcement officers to do their jobs effectively.

Fairness and Justice

Reviving Comstock: Unveiling the Anti-Abortion Strategy in Post-Roe America


The Comstock Act is a significant impediment to reproductive freedom and access to safe, effective abortions. Pro-choice stakeholders must recognize the urgency of addressing this outdated legislation that uses 1800s social standards to regulate the bodies of people in 2024.

Advocacy and Social Movements

American States Are Quietly Embracing the ‘Baby Bonds’ Revolution to Fight Inequality


As inequality rises because of the combined curse of growing inherited wealth and the perpetuation of the generational transmission of poverty, baby bonds appear to be a powerful tool to tackle one of the major challenges of the 21st century.

Poverty, Inequality and Opportunity

The Volunteer Sector’s Looming Crisis


Governments need to get creative and make it easier for people to volunteer, as volunteer-driven organizations play vital roles in building great communities.

Cities and Communities

Rethinking Local Economic Development: Why Should Local Governments Handle Tax Incentives with Care?


Evidence on the spillover effects of tax incentives is mixed and ambiguous while evidence on the impact of tax incentives on revenue loss for public services is clear. It is time for voters and politicians to use tax incentives with care, given their high costs and controversial benefits.

Development and Economic Growth

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