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The Citizen

Hanging Out in Inman Square

By Anthony Barrows

Inman Square is an often overlooked neighborhood by Harvard Kennedy School students, but I’ll have you know that it’s at the confluence of Cambridge, Hampshire and Prospect Streets – only 20 minute walk from Harvard Square, or less than 10 minutes on the 69 bus.  As always, there are a wealth of things to do apart from my suggestions, so go explore!

Food My all-time favorite brunch spot is the S&S Deli in the heart of Inman Square. It has been serving latkes, blintzes and corned beef hash for 93 years and is a great place to bring groups on the weekend. You can even grab a Bloody Mary if you need a little hair of the dog. Parents take note: this is a friendly place even for my rowdy 4-year-old. I’m partial to their omelets and S&S wings.

Honorable mentions: For Indian food, the Punjabi Dhaba is a great spot for delicious roadside-style grub on aluminum cafeteria trays; and the Midwest Grill is a carnivore’s delight for all you can eat Brazilian barbeque.

S&S Deli: 1334 Cambridge Street, Cambridge Punjabi Dhaba: 225 Hampshire St, Cambridge Midwest Grill: 1124 Cambridge St, Cambridge

Drink Trina’s Starlight Lounge is just across from the Somerville border where Hampshire Street becomes Beacon. Trina’s replaced one of my favorite bars, the Abbey Lounge, and is a little cutesy for my taste, but the food and cocktails are great.

Heading in the other direction toward Kendall Square is Lord Hobo, another bar that replaced an old favorite, the B-Side Lounge. Lord Hobo has a fantastic beer selection, but the food is a little overpriced for what you get.

Honorbale mention: The Cantagbridgian version of Bukowski Tavern, home of the dead author’s mug club and another great beer bar.

Trina’s Starlight Lounge: 3 Beacon Street, Somerville Lord Hobo: 92 Hampshire St, Cambridge Bukowski Tavern; 1281 Cambridge St, Cambridge

Fun Music lovers should check out Ryles Jazz Club. Directly across Hampshire Street from the S&S, they serve the same menu but have a huge value-add with their weekend live-jazz brunch. Come back to dance in the evenings when they have a robust salsa scene (including lessons) along with regular DJ nights and tons of live jazz and blues.

Ryles Jazz Club: 212 Hampshire Street Cambridge