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Anti-Racism Policy Journal

Topic / Gender, Race and Identity

“Foundations: How to Do Better on Racial Equity?” Research Report and Recommendations

“Do better on racial equity”: this is what numerous philanthropic organizations have pledged since the killing of George Floyd in May 2020.
Where do they stand in their antiracism journey? What challenges are they facing? What best practices have they developed? How can they make progress?

This innovative research was conducted by Benjamin Abtan, Mid-Career MPA 2020 and Founder of Toward Antiracism Now LLC, through 50 interviews of philanthropic leaders with a diverse range of backgrounds, identities, and positions.

It presents 10 main observations, along with the key challenges and best practices that are related to them, and proposes 7 recommendations for foundations and their networks to move forward toward racial equity.


You can also leaf through the report here.