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Latin American Cities in the Age of AI: Navigating the Technological Revolution


AI will continue to permeate and transform cities. With the right guidelines, it will allow governments to improve citizen engagement, reduce tax fraud, and optimize energy, mobility, and waste management systems.

Cities and Communities

“Still Not There”: Low Female Labor Participation and Culture in Chile


Introduction Gender equality is today at the top of the international agenda, as in the past decades we have seen the emergence of diverse social movements advocating for the expansion of women’s rights in issues such as education, labor, violence, politics, etc. This year, the gender perspective is a cross-priority to the G20 agenda, with […]

Gender, Race and Identity

The Sustainable Projects Management Office


Large investment projects are a source of economic and social development for countries. They increase the national income, are a source of employment, stimulate the local economies where they are located, and generate tax revenues for government. However, investment projects can also generate negative impacts on the environment, in the local communities, or in patrimonial […]

Environment and Energy

Chile’s school admission system. Segregation or inclusion?


Before 2015, charter schools[1] in Chile were able to select prospective students based on the socioeconomic status of their families, revealed through the ability to pay a copayment;[2] and on other requirements, such as personality tests, admissions tests, marriage certificates, baptism certificates and others[3], that allowed the schools to discriminate against children whose families could […]

Education, Training and Labor

The Long Fight of Shantytown Families in Chile


BY FRANCISCA VILLALOBOS Pamela, the community leader of La Isla, had worked ten years towards this moment. Last November, La Isla shantytown celebrated the foundation stone-laying ceremony to kick off the construction of one hundred houses for La Isla’s families. To the crowd of community dwellers, representatives of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and local government officials […]

Remembering History and Reaffirming Democracy: The Case of the Chilean Transition to Democracy


By Daniela Martinez Daniela Martinez is a lawyer who graduated from Universidad de Chile. She holds a Master of Laws degree from Harvard University and is currently working toward a Master in Public Administration at the same university. She has worked in the Chilean government as an advisor to the Minister of Energy and at […]

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