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Fighting to Exist: LGBTQ Organizations in the Maghreb


While much of the Western world has provided legal protections for the LGBTQ community, this is not the case in most of the Islamic world.

Gender, Race and Identity

Podcast: Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif Resigns, Algerians Protest President Bouteflika Fifth Term


In this week’s podcast, we discuss the attempted resignation of Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif and the growing protests in Algeria against President Bouteflika’s proposed fifth term. In Iran, Zarif announced his resignation in a February 25th Instagram post, but President Rouhani insists that Zarif keep his job after widespread support for the Foreign Minister’s […]

Advocacy and Social Movements

The Hijacking of Algerian Identity


Introduction Both French and post-independence Algerian rulers imposed a simplistic, narrow definition of identity on Algeria. These choices were dictated by ideologies associated with colonization and Pan-Arabism, marginalizing other key components of Algerian identity. In doing so, both the colonizer and the dictator were able to effectively maintain power in pitting cultural, linguistic, and ethnic […]

Education, Training and Labor

Oil, Ideology, and Regime Adaptation in the Rentier Republics: A Comparison of Libya and Algeria


Abstract: The Arab Spring provides a rare opportunity to examine the roles of natural resources and state structure in the face of popular discontent. While the Gulf monarchies have all weathered the events of 2011, the diverging fates of the two oil-producing republics in North Africa—Algeria and Libya—suggest that neither factor alone can account for […]

Environment and Energy

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