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Aiding Afghans without Aiding Taliban


The goal should be to support the Afghan people, especially women, in their quest for dignity, freedom, independence, and human rights, while minimizing the risk of providing legitimacy and resources to the Taliban.

Human Rights

Genocide and Hazara Persecution in Afghanistan


Editors Note Hazara persecution in Afghanistan requires nearby countries, in the Middle East and beyond, to enhance their support in streamlining refugees’ access to safety. Despite the increased proliferation of violence against the minority community, several statistics suggest that Afghanistan’s neighbors are restricting movement across borders. In November 2021 – IOM announced that over one million Afghans […]

Human Rights
U.S. Army troops in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Needs Additional US Troops – And Long-Term Strategy


BY DAN FISHER The Trump administration is set to send about 4,000 new troops to Afghanistan, and the usual pessimists are coming out of the woodwork. The naysayers argue against what some are referring to as another “surge,” treating the increase as if it were a time warp back to 2010, when the United States […]

Rehabilitating Peace in Afghanistan


BY NATALIE BLACK “Tell me this,” Mohammad says. “Why, when NATO has the best technology in the world, does it allow its bombs to kill innocent Afghan civilians?” I do not get the chance to answer. He continues, “Why does NATO go into people’s houses at night? Why does it kill people when they are […]

International Relations and Security

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