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A Guide to Halloween at HKS

By Erin Patten

If problem sets, midterms and papers have kept you from planning your outrageously creative and conceptual Halloween costume, never fear, you still have one more week to devise a look that could be equal parts witty, eerie and down-right hilarious. Whether you’re planning to party with your HKS buds at the legendary Fenway Park or take the kids out for some free candy, don’t try that “I’m just going as myself” excuse; take a look at these tips to inspire your fuss-free Halloween costume creation:

1 – Try a Political Costume It’s an election year people! As policy students, it would be an understatement to say that we have very strong opinions about what’s going on in our political world.  Express some of that discontent, optimism or outrage satirically in homage to your favorite or not-so-favorite political leaders or metaphors that surround them. Think Big Bird and Etch-A-Sketch.

2 – Dress Up as a Group There’s nothing more fun than getting friends together to look as ridiculous as possible. Take a break from study grouping and presentation practicing and combine those powers to create a fun common theme. Don’t worry about all looking the same. Start with a good foundation from which you could add your own unique charm and details. An added plus to group dressing is you can hit up people in your group for costume accessories. Show off your Gangnam Style and go as PSY and his totally awesome dance crew.

3 – Be a Celebrity For those who have time to follow pop culture and can give the most accurate update on Chris Brown and Rihanna’s relationship status, celebrate your guilty-pleasure reality show and gossip blog by dressing as your favorite celebrity or celebrity couple. Go for celebrities whose images and features are overly exaggerated, making recreating their look easier so you can avoid having to explain who you are supposed to be all evening. The press is loving Kim Kardashian and Kanye West now, but you can’t go wrong with royalty dressing as Prince William and Princess Kate.

4 – Less is More You don’t have to dress elaborately for Halloween. Sometimes a cool mask or creative face paint combined with some formal wear or a monochromatic look can have a bold impact. When everyone else is foolishly over-the-top, you can stand out as the subdued James Bond or courteous flight attendant. Challenge everyone’s expectations by doing something unexpected – that’s what Halloween is all about.


FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26 3:30-5:30 p.m. in The HKS Study Trick or Treat with Families and Children of HKS Students, Faculty and Staff in The HKS Study

This is an opportunity for HKS families to come to campus in costume! Last year, a number of children flooded the study as little ghosts, monsters and princesses; and there was plenty of candy to go around.

2012 HKS Halloween at the WORLD FAMOUS Fenway Park! This is bound to be an epic event.

Saturday, Oct. 27 at 8 p.m.

Here are the details:

– Tickets can be purchased online

– Your ticket will include light ballpark food (hot dogs, vegetarian pizza, popcorn) + drink on us – Transportation TO and FROM Fenway (buses will pick up at HKS and come back from Fenway– details TBA)

– Everyone is required to bring either a United States issued driver’s license or a government issued passport (this is MA law, not our rule- and there are zero exceptions)

– There are no refunds or exchanges

Questions? Please contactMaggie “Candy Corn” Williams, VP of Student Activities at HKS at