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From Socio-Political Unrest to the Pandemic: How Can Hong Kong Cope with the Mental Health Crisis


Socio-political and public health crises The outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has exploded into a global pandemic, infecting over 3.5 million individuals worldwide and taking away more than 251,000 lives. In the city of Hong Kong, 1,569 confirmed cases have been reported. Due to the stringent quarantine measures and closed border policies, the spread of […]


Political Prosecution by Chinese Authorities: Will Hong Kong enjoy political and legal autonomy in the future?


BY JASON HUNG The “bookstore incidents” In January 2018, Hong Kong-based Swedish Chinese publisher, Gui Minhai, was snatched by mainland Chinese authorities in Ningbo, China. Supposedly, Gui was on his way to Sweden’s consulate in Shanghai to renew his Swedish passport. It was the second time Gui went missing in two and a half years. […]

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