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Institutional Racism Lives at HKS, Compromising Its Effectiveness as a Public Service Institution


“Over the last few years many Negroes have felt that their most troublesome adversary was not the obvious bigot… but the white liberal who is more devoted to ‘order’ than to justice, who prefers tranquility to equality…Even in areas where liberals have great influence…schools…and politics—the situation of the Negro is not much better than in […]

The Rise of the Global South: Can South–South Cooperation Reshape Development?


The increasing humanitarian consequences of climate change and the global refugee crisis have disproportionately affected developing countries.

Separation of Religion and Politics: Pragmatic Policy or Utopic Ideal?


Singapore practices a brand of “accommodationist secularism” that is premised on the assumption that a separation between religion and politics is possible. Yong Han Poh argues that this assumption is flawed, and unpacks its implications on policy, political representation and religious harmony.

Democracy and Governance

For Good Food, Head South


This is the first piece in our series, “The Food Project”, a collection of stories, essays, and opinion pieces on the food cultures from our diverse student body.  Students submit pieces expressing broadly their relationship with food and cuisine from their families and countries. These writings can range from a personal connection to a dish, […]

African Solutions to African Problems? A Review


Since the dawn of the last century, progressive African visionaries have proffered that to achieve economic well-being, African nations must forge a path to prosperity that is independent of Western prescription. Yet, are the continent’s challenges so distinct as to be completely unique from those of the rest of the world? In July 1900, the […]

A stronger and more distinct Singaporean-Chinese identity necessary for addressing China’s misperceptions of Singapore


Drawing on her undergraduate research on mainland Chinese students’ perception of the Singaporean-Chinese identity, Shu Min Chong finds that misperceptions result in mainland Chinese having unrealistic expectations of Singaporeans and Singapore. While it is easy to put blame on China, Shu Min argues that Singapore needs to do more to articulate what a unique Singaporean-Chinese identity looks like.

International Relations and Security




International Relations and Security

S3E3: Why We Trek


Every year dozens of students organise ‘treks’ to their home towns and countries. Entirely voluntary and student led, they plan activities to to initiate their fellow students in the culture, politics and history of the place. Samer Hjouj leads the Palestine trek for the Harvard Kennedy School and Phoenix McLaughlin just led a trek to […]

International Relations and Security

#EnaZeda: A Women’s Revolution of our Bodies for our Bodies


The 2011 Tunisian revolution that ousted a dictator and security state rule, did not only change the country’s political system, but it impacted all aspects of Tunisian life, especially for women. The most recent national election, in October 2019, brought a new independent President to power. Met with celebration, Tunisians appeared eager to start a […]

Why HKS Needs to Change How it Names its Buildings


Photo Credit: Caleb D. Schwartz Convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein was a longstanding donor to Harvard, giving nearly $9 million to the university between 1998 and 2007. When Epstein was first charged in July 2006, Former University President Derek C. Bok defended Harvard’s relationship with big money donors, saying the university should not “have an […]

Fetal Heartbeat Bills Protect No One


  Katya* was on her fifth pregnancy and still without a child. When I met her this summer on the Maternal Fetal Medicine service, she had experienced three miscarriages and terminated one pregnancy. She is a carrier of a genetic mutation that prevents her pregnancies from surviving both inside and outside of the womb. Advances […]

Mergers and Acquisitions under ECOWAS Competition Law


Introduction As markets mature and become concentrated, entities merge and acquire others to achieve economies of scale. Such combinations are likely to create powerful companies which have the capacity to control the market and reduce competition. In his Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith captures what may become […]

Business and Regulation

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